Hofincons is an Industrial Asset Management company with over 38 years of experience in operation and maintenance. Hofincons is a part of Quess Corp Limited (www.quesscorp.com) the industrial leader in business process services. Hofincons has a strong presence in Engineering, Metals, Power and Oil & Gas sectors. Currently Hofincons is providing services to over 30 plants all over India.


Hofincons Snapshot

  Hofincons Services across 4 verticalsOffering services across 4 verticals

      • Engineering
      • Metals
      • Power
      • Oil and Gas

Hofincons - Pan India Presence    Pan India presence – 30 sites, offices across 3 cities

Global presence of Hofincons - operating in 3 countries  Operating in 3 countries: Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi and UAE


3500 employees at Hofincons

 Powered by more than 3500 employees servicing 40 + clients


MRO SIMPLE started with the idea of making procurement of parts used in maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) easy, efficient and simple. Hofincons has been coordinating the procurement of MRO parts (also called indirect materials) for their customers in the 30 plants maintained across India. As the demand of these parts is unpredictable the time available to buy is quite limited. So Hofincons developed  www.mrosimple.com to make procurement of MRO parts easy and efficient.


Hofincons using its expertise and unique perspective gained through maintaining over 30 plants in India has developed an engineering catalogue which will be the plant manager’s/maintenance manager’s companion. The catalogue facilitates 3 main functionalities – search, select and compare. The database of manufacturers and buyers are listed in one place for making transactions easy and efficient.

Our Values

People-Centricity: We recognize that our strength and our competitive advantage is and always will be people. We provide opportunities for them to grow and continually improve to make their lives better.

Customer Focused: We are organized around the customer, from understanding the needs behind a specific requirement to making sure it is implemented and delivered on time.

Growth: This is the basis of our success. Growth comes from identifying key opportunities, making the right investments and fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship within the company.

Speed and Agility: Operational agility is our competitive advantage. Ability to respond to change identifies opportunities, drive productivity and focus on getting things done.

Execution: We challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly and to consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.

Leadership: We believe in creating world-class leaders in every aspect of our business and in developing our team leadership skills at every level; in our management performance; in the way we execute, deliver and partner with our customers.

Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. As we discharge our responsibilities, we do what is right and not what is easy.